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A Tribute to Quander Wilson

This page is a tribute to Bishop Q. L. Wilson, Sr.  He is responsible for my whole family being “saved.”  He was a man before his time and truly a man of God.    He was affectionately known as “Pappy.”  Bishop Wilson passed from this life on March 23, 2003 but before he did, he left a legacy behind…

The History of Bishop!

Bishop Quander L. Wilson, Sr. was born in Berywn, Philadelphia on July 4, 1918.  He was raised and educated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he was a graduate of Radnor High School (1936).  Bishop Wilson served in Christian Ministry in one form or another all of his life.  He preached his first sermon on August 27, 1937 and was licensed as a minister in 1940 and ordained as an elder in 1941.  His formal religious training includes: the Bible Truths Center, under the leadership of the late Bishop A. R. Jackson; the Philadelphia School of the Bible, Philadelphia; Crozier Bible Institute, Chester, Pennsylvania; Chester Theological Seminary, Chester, Pennsylvania and the Florida State Christian College, Fort Lauderdale, Fl where he received his Ph.D. in 1971. 


He was married in holy matrimony to the love of his life, Mary Helen Williams on March 3, 1943.  He was the father of two sons, the late Quander L. Wilson, Jr. and Edward E. Shouse, Sr.


He always made himself available to God and he had a gift for building bridges across denominational and racial lines through the ministry of reconciliation.  His first pastorate and revival was in the city of Philadelphia.  He initiated the building of his first edifice to the glory of God in the city of Oberlin, Ohio.  His gospel journey later led him to over twenty years of ministry in Portsmouth, Ohio. That is where my family came to know him.  He spoke a sure and refreshing Rhema Word that transcended time.  The messages he got from God helped thousands find salvation and deliverance. 


In 1960 by divine mandate, Bishop founded Greater Emmanuel Apostolic Faith Tabernacle, Inc.  It is known today as Greater Emmanuel International Fellowship, Inc. Greater Emmanuel became incorporated in the state of Ohio in 1961.  It originally started out with three churches and today is affiliated with several churches throughout the United States and Africa.  Many well known pastors and ministers have been birthed from this organization such as T. D. Jakes.     


In 1986 Greater Life Evangelistic Temple was established and currently serves as the headquarters for Greater Emmanuel International Fellowship Inc.   


Did you know him?

Bishop was known world wide and ministered to people from all ethnic, social and denominational backgrounds.  He really put forth an effort in bringing unity as well as diversity in the Body of Christ.  He imparted his wisdom and prayed for many as he sent them out for the up building of God’s Kingdom. His work lives on in each one of us.  I believe there is six degrees of Bishop Q. L. Wilson (similar to the six degrees of Kevin Bacon) in every minister or ministry that has been started.  He was to the Gospel world like Kevin Bacon is to Hollywood. Every ministry or minister has had some type of contact with him.  Either you knew him directly or you were in service with him or someone you knew was in service with him at some point and time.  He traveled all over the world and ministered to everyone.   


If you read this page and later think back and realize that you knew him or knew someone who did know him… tell your story on the blog page.  I want to know how you knew him.  How did he impact your life and ministry?


To leave your comments please click on "blog" under Bishop's name and enter your comments there.  It will be a joy to see all that knew him.  If you need to contact me for anything just click on my name and it will take you to my email address.  May God continue to Bless each and every one of us through the prayers that Bishop prayed for us!   


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